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Our team was engaged to deliver this community-centred space within the busy Westfield Geelong centre. This required meticulously planning construction activities to minimise disruption to surrounding businesses and shoppers, for a smooth and successful build process.

The Challenge

Trans-Ax Health Care operates modern, innovative medical centres to support Medical Practitioners in the provision of their care. For their new facility in Westfield Geelong, their challenge was integrating advanced technology into the clinic’s design while maintaining a user-friendly patient experience. Calibre Interiors set out to accomplish this goal while coordinating construction within the busy shopping centre environment.

The Solution

Calibre Interiors collaborated closely with the design team and technology providers to seamlessly integrate technology solutions into the clinic’s operations. To minimise disruptions to surrounding businesses and shoppers, Calibre Interiors carefully planned construction activities to ensure a smooth build process. The success of the Geelong Mall Medical Centre in patient intake and staff recruitment reflects the effectiveness of the design and construction efforts in creating a functional and appealing healthcare space. This in turn solidifies the brand’s reputation as a trusted healthcare provider in the region.

Safety Considerations

Working within the busy Westfield shopping centre in an area with high foot traffic required careful planning to minimise disruptions and maintain the highest safety for workers and visitors alike. Additionally, navigating around supporting beams posed a unique challenge, prompting innovative solutions to ensure structural integrity while meeting project timelines.


We utilised locally sourced materials from Geelong, fostering community connection and supporting local businesses. This commitment enhances regional economic development and reinforces our dedication to sustainable construction practices. Our construction of this practice exemplifies our values of community engagement and sustainability.

Work completed:


232 M2 used to create state-of-the-art Medical Facility

2 New Pathology rooms


“We appreciate Calibre Interiors' structured approach to project management and their regular and clear communication throughout the fitout process. They showed great ability to understand and implement our provided designs with accuracy, ensuring that the final outcome aligned with our expectations.
Peter Szekley - Director, Trans-Ax Health Care

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