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How do you repurpose a heritage-listed building for modern health services? Learn how Calibre Interiors found the right balance for an uplifting outcome.

The Challenge

Calibre Interiors was approached by Bowery Capital with an ambitious vision: transform this heritage-listed landmark into a state-of-the-art Healthcare Precinct. Calibre had to get creative to preserve the integrity of the original structure—requiring research, collaboration with heritage authorities and local planners, and dedication to a shared vision—but the reward was well worth it. This iconic building in Geelong CBD is infused with fresh purpose.

The Solution

After navigating complex approval pathways, Calibre Interiors successfully gained the required stationary approvals. Our team worked closely with stakeholders to come up with a vision for the site that reflected a diverse range of goals, tastes, and community priorities. This hinged on understanding the commercial intent of the space to maximise its functionality.


Calibre’s approach focused on sustainability, accessibility, and respect for the existing cultural values of the area. Preserving the building’s original structure helped minimise the use of new materials, in addition to honouring the site’s history and unique design elements.

For enhanced sustainability, Calibre installed solar panels and energy-efficient motion sensors, as well as a designated waste management room for responsible waste disposal.

Using local suppliers and trades from the Geelong region, our team passionately brought this vision to life, on time and on budget.


Ensuring accessibility for all ages and abilities was core to our mission. This included adding DDA-compliant features like ramps, elevators, and clear signage for navigation. Ample natural light and an abundance of wood and plants helped set a positive, welcoming tone.

At the core of our mission lie the needs of our clients, driving everything we do. We take pride in constructing environments that enable our clients to better serve their patients, fostering a positive impact on healthcare.

1420+ SQM NLA

16+ practitioners approved with 24/7 trading

6+ Individual Healthcare Tenancies


“Calibre Interiors clearly takes pride in their work and outcomes. Our centres we have built with them have turned out so beautifully—the architectural concept to brilliant reality has been delivered."
Corinne Garner, Trans-Ax Health Care

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