Thrive Fertility

Work completed

  • Strategy & Approvals
  • Design and Engineering
  • Delivery

Empathy-led design practices ensured that the Calibre Interiors team went above and beyond to deliver an aesthetically pleasing, emotionally healing space for people undergoing fertility treatments.

The Challenge

This was a reproductive health facility designed with the patient’s emotional state in mind. When our team looked to define the experience for people attending Thrive Fertility, this was our core focus. Space constraints presented an additional challenge: this was a suite inside a private hospital with only one corridor, and it had to fit seamlessly with the rest of the facility, which was still under construction. Teamwork, communication, and delivering the highest-quality work on deadline were all held in balance.

The Solution

We created a calming, patient-centred space that provided a healing environment for those facing a vulnerable and difficult time. We utilised discreet entrances and windows, soundproofing measures, and other clever details to safeguard patient confidentiality while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere. The design mimics the patient’s pathway through their own IVF journey, starting at the entrance and walking through a one-way hallway into consultations, check-ups, and more. 


With the challenge of space constraints, every square metre was precious. Our team created a tranquil space that managed to feel deceptively spacious, despite the squeeze.

Safety Considerations

In a medical facility, safety, hygiene, and security  are paramount. The custom-built lab had to accommodate complex medical equipment in a controlled-access environment without compromising aesthetics. Our team designed a space that was easy to navigate, sterilise, and secure so that only authorised staff could enter. The result is fully compliant RTAC approved facility.

At the core of our mission lie the needs of our clients, driving everything we do. We take pride in constructing environments that enable our clients to better serve their patients, fostering a positive impact on healthcare.

124 m2 State-Of-The-Art Labratory

427 Power outlets installed

12 week build programme

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